Terms and Conditions

1. General

The terms and conditions of gaetan® are valid during the whole course of business with our customers. The terms and conditions are recognized by the customers when placing the order. They are valid for the duration of the business relationship. Variations from the terms and conditions require a written confirmation.

2. Offers, Prices

All offers are without obligation. Errors and omissions are excepted. All prices are in Euro and include the in Germany valid VAT.

3. Service Contract, Right of Withdrawal

The service contract for a training measure comes about by a customer placing an order and the acceptance thereof by gaetan®. The admission to participate can be tied to passing a selection procedure. There is no entitlement to participate.

The legal right of withdrawal applies.

4. Delivery Date, Acceptance, Deadline

Deadlines for consulting and training are realised by gaetan® as agreed. Can an appointment not be realised by either party, an alternative appointment will be agreed until two weeks prior to the appointment. If an alternative appointment cannot be agreed, the already paid for attendance fee will be repaid to the customer. In case of an unexcused absence of a customer or a postponement of an appointment by the customer within two weeks prior of the appointment, there will be no repayment of the attendance fee.

5. Cancellation of Trainings

gaetan® can cancel trainings due to an important reason. Important reasons are too little attendance, cancellation of trainers or Acts of Gods. gaetan® is not liable for possible damages, which arise due to the cancellation of trainings.

6. Liability

A guarantee or liability for the attendance or the success of the attendance is excluded towards participants as well as third parties. We are not liable for damages or legal consequences which arise from the attendance or non-attendance of our trainings.
In general it is agreed, that in case of liability, the liability is limited by the paid training fee.

7. Transmission, Shipment, Payment

The shipment or the electronic transmission of any data occurs at the risk of the customer. Our services have to be paid until 14 days after the receipt of the bill (date on the postmark).

8. Data security

All of the information available and known to us relating to the order or the contracting body or customer will be treated confidentially. The customer agrees that gaetan® stores and processes the customer’s data in machine-readable form. The customer’s data will only be stored for internal use. A transmission to third parties does not occur.

9. Place of Fulfilment and Court of Jurisdiction

Place of fulfilment is Berlin. Court of jurisdiction is the district court Berlin responsible for us. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies.

10. Effectiveness

The ineffectiveness of one or more clauses does not lead to the ineffectiveness of the other clauses. The ineffective clause is to be replaced by an effective clause similar in content as the ineffective one.