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Experience and Innovation

gaetan.aero is a branch of gaetan-data GmbH, a capital company in private ownership, founded 1982 in NRW with locations at the airports in Berlin, Leipzig and Frankfurt and therefore with nationwide training experience. The project development office for aviation works in Schönefeld.

Since 1999 gaetan® mainly focuses on airport trainings.
We specialise in personnel qualification and consultation for the aviation industry and are certified according to DIN 9001/2008.

gaetan® possesses more than seventeen years of experience in the development and organisation of specialised trainings for ground handlers with more than 4,000 graduates of long-term courses as well as 15,000 of day-long trainings. Amongst others gaetan was responsible for the acclimatization training of all employees for the start of the BER – and these were conducted according to plan.

Only gaetan® uses a “training airport” with its own equipment.