Growth Sector Aviation-Industry – Your Chance

The aviation industry has been growing constantly for many years now and offers you the chance of a secure professional future in Germany even based mainly on English language skills.
The constant need for staff at airports does not only arise due to more flights, but even more so because of the structural changes in ground handling.

For 17 years now gaetan® has been training experts in the areas ground, passenger, cargo and baggage handling. Together with practitioners from the industry we continuously optimise our training concepts and adapt them to the developments in the aviation industry and regional demands. Our qualifications are certified according to ISO 9001-2008 as well as according to German vocational training standards.

Please contact us, if you are interested in working at a German airport. We also offer a pre-module of German for aviation purposes. If you are a registered as unemployed in Germany, you might be eligible to a training fund.

Our locations

We choose our locations according to the chances for development and jobs, which they offer you.

The Airport Leipzig/Halle will continue to develop as an important cargo centre in Europe and continues to offer new jobs.

In Berlin, which will open the new Single Airport Berlin Brandenburg, new job chances will arise due to the enhanced flight plan and bigger handling area.

Frankfurt is Germany’s biggest airport and Lufthansa hub. Here chances for well-educated personnel always arise.

You as a multifunctionally trained job applicant possess best job chances in an attractive area. The successful completion of any of our trainings with a good grade opens additional job opportunities in all logistic and service oriented work areas, even outside of airports.


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