Practical Trainings in a Secure Environment

iin ground handling even new employees handle expensive equipment and even more expensive airplanes. gaetan® provides you with a training airport with our own ground handling equipment. Thus we can practically train outside the airport’s daily routines – and therefore help avoid mistakes and costs.
Skill trainings at your location are of course also possible.

Every training will be arranged according to your requirements and especially according to your topography.

We qualify in the following areas:

  • Equipment training
    • aircraft tug, stairs, belt
  • Airside driving permit
    • according to the local airport traffic regulations
  • Techniques and procedures
    • DGR, load-securing/lashing, ULD-loading
  • Techniques and procedures
    • ramp safety, equipment safety


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We possess our own training locations in Berlin, Leipzig and Frankfurt.

An in-house training is also always possible.